Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Away day

Just got back from our away day. Great fun, talking shop, eating good food, going sailing and meeting up with the lads.

Revealing photos to follow!


Justin Townsend said...

Yes, agreed. Great to get together and hammer out future company direction! Things are looking up, in my humble opinion, with some great potential offerings for the future...

Not a big sailor, but it was great to get together in a more relaxed setting and learn something new.

Look forward to another one in a couple of months time. Who's got the next big idea for a location?

An said...

Jo, was great to meet you guys again and to make plans while sailing. Looking forward to our next big one when you visit me at the Octoberfest in Munich.....Just get my camera and add some pics....

DJB said...

It seems every time we get together after an absence of everybody taking projects forward, we move Majendi forward by leaps and bounds!

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