Thursday, September 25, 2008

X Marks the spot

So after all the hype it turns out that Oracle X is their first forray into the hardware market.

Nothing to do with OBIEE?

Well, maybe this is the best thing to happen for the product we all love. Having a faster platform to run the Oracle OLAP and OLTP databases should mean that Analytics runs faster (provided the network is up to the job).

Without improving the hardware all the OBIEE product innovations will be for nothing. Users will not put up with advanced reports that take 10 minutes to run.

Mind you, faster kit will probably lead to lazy code, poor index strategies and over large databases, so we'll slow down again soon enough!

So, as consultants we will all be looking for the dream project : Oracle X, 11g databases, Good clients, excellent project management ad all done in the same time zone!!

Dream on.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Urgent Requirement

Filled the roles now. Thanks.

Hi there,

we have an urgent need for the following:

- technical Consultant for Siebel Marketing 7.8 (OBI knowledge would be superb)
- Oracle DB Admin

Start date: yesterday
Duration: think at least 3 weeks – probably up to a year
Salary: up for negotiation, but I think 100 Euro / hour should be ok.
Fancy a stint in Munich while the Oktober-Fest is only a stone’s throw away from your desk ;-) or do you know anybody who could be up for it?

email if you are available (perhaps you worked at Lehmans!)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Talking about users

A funy thing happened on a recent project (not saying which one but security was a TOP priority)

The rpd used LDAP to authenticate the users. The developers (me!) had a user set up in the rpd to do the dev work.
When then rpd was pubished to Production, my username was deleted. The Admiinstrator still existed with a diff password.
The LDAP did not contain, nor would the rules allow for, an account called 'Administrator'

So the rpd was very safe in Production. Problem is that no-one can log in to Answers and make ANY changes to the webcat. No new groups, no changing privileges. nothing.

how funny.

They were told, but Security is very important don't you know!.

(btw The obvious solution they woud not entertain was to have a user in the rpd that also existed in the LDAP, which was a member of the Admin group.
The work around that should have used is an Initialisation block to poulate a WEBGROUPS variable that included a high level group, such as Web Administrators.)

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