Monday, February 26, 2007


I have the worst phone in the world.

It's the O2 XDA lli. Oh it may also be a PDA, has windows, can pay music, runs Excel/Word/PDF, has a web browser to connect to the internet, has email and can syncronise with my Outlook, has vidoe and a camera, plays games; but it's the worst phone in the world.

You'd think that is was brilliant with all those features, but sometimes you just need a phone.

You know how you see people on the tube holding on with one had whilst texting their mates with the other - I can't do that (there are no keys on the xda and it a big bulky thing).
Voice activate their phone to call their mates whilst driving - I can't do that
Have video calls with the kids - I can't do that.

and the battery only last two days.

It doesn't even connect to the web very well, it took me two years to get it configured and it's rubbish.

So, I have finally given up. I'm now looking for a new phone.

But here's the catch - last time I went looking for a great phone the xda sounded fantastic - All those features!! wow gotta have it. Now hate it.

for the new phone,
Do I get 3G?
Should I get Balckberry?
What about the camera, 2 megapixels or 3?
Do I need PDF viewer?
What about my Sudoku game I bought for the xda and Dope wars?
Do I need an RSS viewer?

Then there the question of service provider.
  • o2? (who I now hate),
  • three?,
  • Vodaphone? (no because I don't like Michael Schumaker),
  • Virgin Media? (got their broadband and it's really good).

And what price package? Turns out that o2 200 means paying £60 per month not £35.

The main problem is size (isn't it always the case!) For applications, games, emails, etc you need a decent size screen, but for normal phone operations you only need a 40mm square, and the ability to hold the thing in one hand, texting.

Is there a phone out there that has a fold out screen - ideally I would like 15 inch screen, and also a folder out keyboard for faster typing, runs applications and plays games.

You know, I think I'll just go and buy a data card for the laptop and go and get the smallest 3g phone in the world!

I'll get the wrong one, but it'll give me somethign to moan about.

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